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practice lock set curious smith
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Practice Lock Set, 6 Transparent Locks with Visual Guide

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PICK UP A NEW HOBBY with these 6 unique locks. They are an ideal starting point to locksport, as you can see what goes on inside the locks as you pick.

Included are 6 acrylic locks each with two keys:
- 3 pin and tumbler locks -- the most common type of lock in the US
- 1 dimple lock -- popular in Europe and Asia
- 1 tubular lock -- used for cabinets, laptop locks, and toilet paper dispensers
- 1 disc detainer lock -- a rare, whacky, and unique type of lock

A guide is written specifically for this set, with explanations and instructions for each lock.

Please use your newfound lock sport superpowers responsibly. Looking for lock picks? Check out our beginner lock pick set and the bundle below!

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